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Lemon + ginger + apple vinegar = top secret remedy to unblock arteries

Stewed lemon ginger apple vinegar:

Mel (Japanese apricot) vinegars were the mainstream in Taiwan market before, but afterwards apple vinegars took the place. Marketing researches show many consumers purchased apple vinegar and stewed with lemon and ginger for health. They diluted one part of concentrated vinegar to about 5 parts water for everyday drinks. Therefore, Pai Chia Chen Brewery & Foods Co., Ltd. has researched and developed the best recipe and prepared the launch our new products ‘Stewed lemon ginger apple vinegar’.


* Half of lemon (about 120g)

* 2 pieces of ginger (about 120g)

* Selected special fermented sugar-free apple vinegar 600cc.


1. Sliced gingers and fresh lemon, set aside.

2. Take a pot, then mix all of the above and heat to boil. Turn to simmer for about 30 mins without a lid to allow water to evaporate.

3. Let it cool down and transfer into a glass bottle. Keep in fridge. Add 30~40cc to 500cc water before drink, or taste to add sugar or honey if you desired.