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Knowledge Bank

Implication of healthy vinegar: 

through the three main projects of vinegar fermentation, use the self-developed excellent and stable strain, and produce the vinegar product with eight human essential organic acids and various amino acids, to make the vinegar containing the most appropriate and complete nutrition, with savory and mellow and smooth flavor; frequent drinking would help metabolism, and maintain high-efficiency vigor and health. 


Pai Chia Chen has been upgraded from traditional brewing technology to modern automatic fermentation equipment. 

Accurately control three major projects of fermentation.

Effectively shorten the fermentation time and accurately control fermentation quality and flavor.  

Pai Chia Chen owns the most excellent stable strains. 

Vinegar produced is providing 8 kinds of organic acids necessary for human body, with savory and mellow flavor.  

The most professional fermentation technology and the most excellent strains owned by Pai  Chia Chen are its competitive advantages in the industry.