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About Pai Chia Chen 


Long-standing brand from 1973 to 2017!

Founded in 1973, Pai Chia Chen developed the first health vinegar in Taiwan in 1976.

In 1983,the company developed many flavours of concentrated vinegar, and in 1973,the company developed the ready-to-drink vinegar beverage.

Using high quality biotechnology tp produce a complete range of organic and healthy vinegar products,Pai Chia Chen offers good-tasting vinegars that are beneficals to the metabolism of the human body.Besides the health benefits,the products have also constantly won the National Quality Gold Brand Award,qualifies for Certified Agricultural Standards (CAS) Quality Food Certification, HACCP-based Food Safety Management System,ISO 22000 International Quality Certification,the latest cranberry vinegar is the only vinegar beverage in Taiwan that has obtained the human trial test for health food certification,CNS National Standards.Marked in Taiwan , mainland China ,Hong Kong and other countries, the products have won the preference and weclome of the consumers around the world.


43-year professional vinegar brewing craft.

Strict standardized process control.

Manufacturing process shows as below: