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Vinegar Introduction

Vinegar category on the market:  

Introduction on fermented vinegar/Vinegar category on the market: 

Fermented vinegar: use cereals or fruits as raw materials and then brew after a long time. 

Synthetic vinegar: also known as chemical vinegar, which is processed by using glacial acetic acid as raw material and adding dilution and spices. 

Glacial acetic acid is composed of oxidized butane or acetaldehyde in the middle of petroleum. Use dyeing, pesticide or other chemical industry as the raw material will be not suitable for human consumption because it is harmful to human health. 

Mixed vinegar: in order to reduce the cost or due to poor brewing technology, some manufacturers add some glacial acetic acid in fermented vinegar. 

Category of fermented vinegar: 

Grain vinegar: rice vinegar, brown rice vinegar, malt vinegar, sweet potato vinegar, corn vinegar, sorghum vinegar, etc. 

Fruit vinegar: grape vinegar, apple vinegar, tangerine vinegar, orange vinegar, lemon vinegar, etc. (use fruits as raw material). 

Eastern countries mainly use cereals to brew vinegar, while western countries mainly use fruits to brew vinegar. In early times, westerners are unable to make use of mold that can turn starch into sugar but only can make use of saccharomyces cerevisiae to ferment in fruit juice. Cereal vinegar’s technology is more complex and its flavor is unique, which makes it has a better effect as healthy vinegar than fruit vinegar.