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Brand introduction

Pai Chia Chen is the biggest manufacturer and brand owner of healthy vinegar in Taiwan, who is also coordinated with the professional production of ODM.Researching that the vinegar is helpful to the maintenance of human health based on the purpose of maintaining national health with professional fermentation technology for several decades, upholding the consistent spirit –「  insisting  」: to insist the most professional brewing technique, the best quality and the perfectest service for customers. Just because of the spirit of insisting, it leads Pai Chia Chen  to be the big leading factory of professionally healthy vinegar, at the same time, the brand image with high quality and vitality is rooted in the customers’ hearts.


Brand story

In the spring of 1973, Chairperson & CEO: Jiang Liangshan from the countryside in Chiayi bought the plant in the suburb in Chiayi and established “Pai Chia Chen” all by himself.

 The mister selected the technology of brewing vinegar to be the foundation of the career because of professional field, educational background of Agricultural Chemistry and practical experience for several years.

From then on, he had an affinity with vinegar.  In the early stage, we researched and developed the method to shorten the fermentation time and produced a mass of raw material of vinegar, becoming the upstream supplier for the processing factories of exported canned food.

Until 1979, the industry of exported canned food in our country was replaced by some counties in Southeast Asia gradually, Pai Chia Chen business of brewing vinegar was affected as well.

Turning crisis into opportunity, the mister started on research and development, changing the taste of vinegar to be the flavor accepted by customers and putting forward the theory of regimen.

The pioneering undertaking of researching and developing the vinegar to be the healthy drink successfully found the deep foundation of market for Pai Chia Chen.

Through the face-to-face education and communication with customers and the words of month among users, the market of healthy vinegar was exploited step by step.